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So, I plan to start a comic. It has been rattling around in my head for about TEN YEARS NOW and I'm starting to finally write things down. Take the fuzzy ideas, characters and always changing scenes and solidify them by putting them on paper and give the disjointed thoughts and ideas structure. 
It will be updated as much as my work schedule can allow me and I want to make a 12 page buffer to start with, so that everyone can have a good chunk of story to read in order to figure out if they like it or not.
From that point on, I will probably do a page every two weeks or so.

That being said, I want to post comic pages much more often than that. In order to do so, I need a better tool to streamline the process. Eventually, I want to quit one of my two jobs if I can manage to make a good story people enjoy and make some income off of it... Maybe?? Good story comes first, and I want to have fun writing and sharing it with people for free. So don't worry, I'm not gonna make people pay to read it. I'll probably set up a patreon for donations, which would allow me to post more often for the previously stated goals. 

RIGHT, so, the tool I need is a Cintiq. I don't believe in asking for handouts and donations without giving a product in return. And since the comic isn't up and going yet, that leaves...


So yeah, I'm open for commissions. Come one come all and let me draw you stuff, using my time and hard earned skill in exchange for usable currency!
Just... No porn. Nudity and pinups are perfectly fine, but no porn, bruh. No parts rubbin up against other parts.

So, prices are as follows.

$15 for a character's pencil sketch, full body
Drack- Frost by Canon-Thought
$30 for that same character, but in ink now (I'm essentially drawing it twice, but more detailed the second time around ;P
Simone In The Garden by Canon-Thought
$40 if you want me to shade dat art with markers, or give it some flat digital colors ($50 if you want both combined together in a glorious mixture of marker texture shading and vibrant, digital colors!)

Wren's Jo by Canon-ThoughtAmoriel - Elegant by Canon-Thought
And then you get to the priciest, but really fun option. Watercolor/ink washing and digital enhancements! This shit is messy, but fun, and pretty damn time consuming. At this point, I cut loose and just do whatever I want to make it look good. Traditional colors, digital colors, cut and paste texture here and there. Just whatever. Just take a look at these examples and I'll make it how ya want. Keep in mind that black and white or color costs the same either way. It's the time spent with wet media you're paying for, so it's up to you what you want.
Vivzie Pop's JayJay by Canon-ThoughtSeth inkwash by Canon-Thought

But Chris! What about comics?! Images of just the upper body? Or just plain ol' head shot busts? Or what if the picture is really complicated and detailed or has multiple characters?

Well, I will raise or lower price at my discretion. If you ask "how much will X cost if I do it this way?", please don't try to low-ball me or pester me for an even lower price. I promise I'll charge you fairly for my time and the level of detail.
Cause shit like this:
Phobetor: God of Nightmares by Canon-Thought
Would cost you somewhere in the $80 range, despite the lack of shading or colors. Those tiny details took a long time, dood.
While inversely, something like a simple bust, like this (minus the hand drawn text):
Texplosion by Canon-Thought
May cost closer to $25.

As for comic pages... It depends on the number of times I have to draw a character, how detailed they are, background, etc. A comic could be as many individual images as you want, with any degree of detail or style, with any number of characters in a panel! So a page like this is three separate, fully inked images that comprise a story:
Oneiroi Page002 by Canon-Thought
Sometimes the characters are not detailed AT ALL, but are set against more detailed backdrops and settings, or a character who is being focused on has more detail than another. Either way, one panel has just as much detail overall as another. So if I were to charge around $30 per panel (as though they were each an inked character portrait), you're looking at $90 for a page like this.

So, if you are interested, give me a shout at my e-mail (which goes directly to my phone) at or send me a note through here. Payments done through paypal to the provided email address. But please discuss the commission with me FIRST. I don't want to suddenly get a payment notification, followed by "Draw this!!" in an email. I need to give you your quote and an ETA first.
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I'm an inker and illustrator. I enjoy the authors Joe Hill, Jim Butcher, graphic novels and a few PC games. I'm a bachelor of graphic design and illustration.

Okay! Let's get this party started! :D

Commissions are open

To contact me on payment information, and to tell me the details of the illustration, contact me by my email at, or by notes.

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My favorite icon you used was at the beginning to quickly represent "New chick".
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